CUBE Κράνος OFFPATH MIPS - Art: 16442

CUBE Κράνος OFFPATH MIPS - Art: 16442

Κατασκευαστής: CUBE
Κωδικός Προϊόντος: 73-16442

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CUBE Κράνος OFFPATH MIPS - Art: 16442


Product details

The new CUBE Helmet OFFPATH is the more compact successor to our PATHOS mtb race helmet. Double in-mould construction, 19 large air vents and improved ventilation channels let you keep a cool head on the hottest of trails! Maximum comfort and a perfect fit are courtesy of our proprietary Natural Fit system developed in-house. The SNAP 360 Fit System with MIPS integration adjusts with one hand, and because we know all heads are different, we also made the height adjustable. Different padding thickness are included so you can fine-tune the fit and comfort even further. Removable, washable pads are just how we roll, and the visor is removable too. Matte or glossy finish? It's a matter of taste! The integrated light and X-Lock mounting system are all rolled in as standard.


black 'n' grey


MTB race helmet for mountain bikers; 19 large vents; improved ventilation channels; removable visor; SNAP 360 Fit System integrated into the MIPS layer with height and width adjustment can be fine-tuned with one hand for a perfect fit; double in-mould construction; flat dividers for optimised webbing guiding; X-Lock mounting system; removable & washable pads; other pad thicknesses available; padded ratchet chin closure; Natural Fit concept; glossy metallic finish;


M (52-57) - L (57-62) - XL (59-64)


EPS double-in-mould


350 g (with Visor)